Friday, October 19, 2012

Wi-fEye - Automated Network Penetration Testing

Wi-fEye is a network penetration tool for Linux design to run automatically. All you have to do is simply choose an attack platform and choose a target, Wi-fEye does the rest. Wi-fEye takes aircrack-ng, Nmap, Ettercap, Msgsnarf, Hamseter, Expect and Evilgrade, and puts it into a very easy to use menu system. Wi-fEye is divided to four main menus:

1. Cracking menu: This menu will allow you to enable monitor mode, view available wireless networks, launch airodump-ng on a specific AP, and WEP or WPA Cracking.

2. Mapping: this menu will allow you to scan the network and view the connected hosts. Use Nmap Automatically.

3. MITM: this menu will allow you to automatically enable IP forwarding, ARP Spoof, launch ettercap (Text mode), sniff SSL/HTTPS traffic, sniff URLs and send them to browser, sniff messengers from instant messengers, sniff images, DNS Spoof,  and HTTP Session Hijacking (using Hamster).

4. Others: this menu will allow you to automatically: change MAC Address. hijack software updates (using Evilgrade).

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