Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Move Over Big Phone Companies, Here Comes Ting!

Ting is an amazing new mobile service that comes from Tucows. It is as they say, "Mobile That Makes Sense." They offer amazing rates, no overage penalties, no ridiculous fees or contracts and you pay for what you use. Plans automatically switch according to how much you actually use. So there's no paying for any unused minutes or data. They also include all the basic services for free, such as voice mail  tethering, caller ID and so much more.

Ting service is provided on the Nationwide Sprint Network, so where ever there's Sprint you have Ting. They also give you a choice of bringing your own device or purchasing one from them. So if your tired of paying way to much for mobile service, go ahead and give Ting a try. Also, if you click this link you can get a free $25 credit toward a new device or toward Ting service.

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